My name is David and I am, what is commonly known as, a Sr UX Architect. I am focused on the principles of elegant design and usability and I have more than 20 years experience in web and front end design.


What is a Sr. UX Architect?

This is a question I am asked on the daily. I have always looked at my job as being the connecting fiber between the human user and (in this case) machine. I look at the ways an individual engages an object, task, or set of tasks, and then try to improve that relationship in a way that makes it more organic/natural.


So who is David?

I started as a Graphic designer back in college. These were the days of rubylith, giant cameras, and hot wax machines. I migrated into computer and web design prior to Internet Explorer launching on the scene in the mid 90's. My love of html grew and soon I returned to college to pick up some development skills (.NET,PHP, SQL, MySQL). Over the last two decades you could find me working in vendor roles for such companies as; XBOX, New Belgium Brewing, Microsoft, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, T-Mobile, Costco, and many more.


Now what's happening?

While my career started as a graphic designer in the early 90's, it evolved through many facets before landing in the usability field. I took detours through open source development and Front End Design [FED]. I taught at the local community college and I have also been lucky enough to engage in start-up enterprises (including my latest venture It is this diversity in my background that allows me to excel at what I do. I can walk the walk and talk the talk with the developer team and translate design into code and vice verse.


today (Fall 2013)

I am happily employed by where I wear many hats. Everyday I find challenge and opportunity. I work with an amazing team of people and, together, we have really changed the look and feel of this industry.


In addition, I am actively creating a mobile road management tool for musicians planning to go on tour. We currently in alpha stages and planning a release prior to the end of 2013.


I have a wealth of connections and, while I may not be available for a given project, I am also happy to offer referrals of qualified applicants that I may have knowledge of.





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